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Give your content a professional edge. Correct lighting, exposure, and color balance issues to make sure you or your models are portrayed in the best light possible. Mask any mistakes, add effects, and perfect your promotional images, photo sets, and videos. Indie and "amateur" performers: ask about discounted rates!

Photo Editing

Perfect your promotional images and photo sets. Make custom flyers and banners out of your photos. Photo manipulation and special effects are my specialty.

  • 75¢

    per image


    Quick Fix

    • White balance and color correction

    • Lighting and exposure correction

    • Image rotation and cropping

    • Watermarking

  • $3

    per image

    Spot Correct

    • Remove spots, bumps, blemishes, wrinkles, red eye, small background elements, etc.

    • Alter a specific feature

    • Blur background, faces, text, etc.

    • Quick Fixes included

  • $15

    per image

    • Fix flyaways

    • Emphasize and alter features

    • Remove or alter large background elements

    • Change textures

    • Spot Correction included

    • Quick Fixes included

  • $23

    per image

    Special Effects
    • Cut out or change background

    • Change hair color, clothing color, etc.

    • Virtual makeup

    • Simple added text or graphic

    • Product mockups

    • Quick Fixes included

    • Spot Correction included

    • Photo Perfecting included

  • $36+

    per image

    Graphic Design
    • Detailed text and added graphics

    • DVD Jackets

    • Replace faces, body parts, props, and more

    • Your imagination is the limit

    • 3+ draft revisions

    • Quick Fixes included

    • Spot Correction included

    • Photo Perfecting included

    • Special Effects included

  • Choose




    You Decide
    • Set your own priorities for retouching

    • Contact me for help negotiating the best option for your project

    • Additional drafts and revisions optional

Video Editing

Correct lighting and color issues and more to make sure your footage is shown in the best light possible. Per-minute price estimates are based on target video length, and vary based on number of files, cameras, target quality, etc.

  • FREE

    $15 minimum



    • Add titles, credits, etc. to begining and end
    • Add your watermark

  • $1-7

    per minute

    Cut and Paste

    • Remove unwanted parts or outtakes & skip ahead

    • Edit multiple files together

    • Cut between multiple camera angles

    • Simple transition effects

    • Cross-fade sound between cuts

  • $2-5

    per minute

    Light and Color
    • Correct lighting & exposure

    • White balance & color correction

  • $2-3

    per minute

    Sound Editing
    • Reduce white noise

    • Balance volume

    • Add music and sound effects (subject to copyright requirements)

  • $2-20

    per minute

    Special Effects
    • Mirrored and layered images

    • Blur out faces, backgrounds, and more

    • Spot-edit color, exposure, sharpness, etc.

    • Spotlight effect

    • Simple animated text and images

  • Choose




    You Decide
    • Pick and choose what you want edited

    • Contact me for help negotiating the best option for your project

    • Let me know your top priorities, & Ill create my best work within your budget

  • FREE

    with restrictions


    Content Trade

    Receive a final edited video file free of charge* in exchange for the right to distribute on my own subscription site (launch TBD). The video will have my logo & a note in the credits, along with any watermarks & credits you request.


*certain special effects requests and/or large projects may require setting a budget, and/or delayed delivery

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