Blackmail Fantasy: Exploiting your Sweaty Feet Addiction

Blackmail Fantasy: My Sweaty Feet Control You Now
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9 min 15 sec   |   Xaya Lovelle   |   Shot by Pervfect POV

I'm exhausted after a long day at work, and I'm eager to get my tired feet out of my sweaty shoes. Just as I start to slip one off, you say you notice an enticing aroma. All I can smell are my sweaty, cramped feet, but I realize, that's exactly what's got you entranced. I tease you with a few whiffs, and it makes you weak, helpless. I catch on to my power over you and decide to make the most of it. I trade you a shoe for your wallet, and poor little you can't help but obey. I slide my sticky nylon stockings under your nose so you can take in all the aroma trapped inside. You get on your knees and promise to serve me as long as you can keep smelling these addictive feet. I reward you by shoving your nose right between my toes so you can soak in the stimulating scent. I instruct you to breathe deeply and hold it in, and it makes you dizzy. I know what's happening here. You're my powerless little foot-servant now. Shot by Pervfect POV, custom made.

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